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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Best Sixteen Handguns (Not):

- Can I have a moan?? -or a "whinge"? (Put it down to eating too much).

I've just NOT READ a piece called '16 of the Best Full-Size Pistols From 'Combat Handguns' 2016'.

- Here's a link if you can be bothered ..

I didn't read it because I 'smelled a rat' as soon as I saw that title and I scanned down the page and counted more than 10 (14?) of the touted "best 16" are in fact from a list of trade offerings on the 1911 theme from different US marketing businesses. Well they've got different names stamped on the slides eh.

There is a word that exactly describes this 'covert advert' writing : 'PUERILE'.

The "by-line" says 'BY TACTICAL LIFE' - as the anonymous writer is obviously not convinced by his own story that ten out of sixteen of the best pistols are really & truly an antique single-stack design from over a hundred years ago.

Fancy this ... one of these ten 1911s features a "Bullet Proof mag well and a solid trigger". - Well I never did !!! - what's wrong with a bendy rubber trigger then?

If the writer had listed the 1911 as the Number One full sized semi-auto and then graded the next 15 different designs in descending order with his explanations as to why they are an inferior option - I might have enjoyed the exercise.

- If I could be bothered to 'log-in' and leave a comment - it would be 'Bollocks'.

Marty K.