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Saturday, 2 April 2016

500th: Buying Loading Components ex USA - Forget It:

Bad mistake the other day .. I thought that I'd get some lead balls for black-powder shooting and 200 projectiles from USA - thinking that as they are NOT Firearms or parts NOR live ammunition, there would be no problems. However two nice ladies from Brownells have e-mailed to say that a State Department License Fee of US$250.00 plus extensive documentation - plus an extended wait, will be required.
Isn't this all very much 'over the top' for a non-restricted handful of small leaden balls don't you think?

LIC-NSE-FEEWB EAR99                       STATE DEPARTMENT LICENSE FEE                1       1                250.00      250.00

Thank you for your recent order.  This order is on hold and will require
an export license before it can be shipped.  The export license approval
process will take 30-45 days once the paperwork is received from you and
the application is submitted.

Please review the attached documents.

Required Documents:

  --  The original or a certified copy of your import certificate/permit

  --  A written purchase order on your letterhead stationary; According
      to the State Department the purchase order needs to include:  the
      foreign party end-user name and complete address.  Documented on
      the purchase order you will need to specify the type of firearm,
      caliber, quantity, dollar value and make/model.  The purchase
      order must be directed to Brownells as the suppler/distributor.
      If this information is not included the export license application
      will be denied.  YOUR SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED.

  --  End User Statement:  Under the rules and regulations by our state
      department as outlined by the International Traffic Arms
      Regulations, ITAR, we need an end-user statement.  The end-user
      statement can be placed on your purchase order or sent on a
      separate letterhead.  YOUR SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED.

- I have written to them cancelling my wee order for $58 worth of heavy metal - and Brownells have responded by cancelling my order and confirming that they had not charged anything to my credit card - as they do this only when orders are shipped. - Thank you Brownells - you remain my favourite US shooting sport supplier. - If only I could use you.
The next time when you can't find what you want in a local gun-shop - spare a thought for the NZ Importing Agents.

- So the squeeze is on - our Governments Police, Customs and Mail Authorities are actively seeking at every turn to make it difficult, complicated, expensive, and s l o w to legally document, import, sell, buy, register, keep at home under certified & inspected security (installed in a specified manner and checked), regulate how we transport, obtain ever more restricted hunting permits, limit magazine capacity and appearance, and seek to differentiate between "good" guns and "evil" ones - while requiring ever increasing application and appeal fees (that are still charged for when the application is refused)
- and note this .. all these obstructive restrictions are applied to licenced LAWFUL sporting shooters who have been found to be 'FIT AND PROPER TO OWN FIREARMS' and who are not considered to be a problem in society. - None of these restrictions effect law breaking thugs, drug-dealers and nutters.

The NZ Chief Executive and Comptroller of Customs, Carolyn Tremain will be aware that the illegal Global trade in firearms is estimated to be worth 1.5 BILLION NZ Dollars** annually and needs to be stopped - but those figures will not benefit by confiscating my legal after-market trigger springs.

- However - CONVICTED law breakers are being released onto the streets (and their choice of residence) while wearing easily removed plastic electronic ankle bracelets that may or may not be monitored by a commercial 'security company' that probably pays its staff the minimum pay rate on a (near) 'zero hours' casual employment contract - meanwhile thirty police stations have been closed to save money in the last four years.
No - That's not the Pope washing Feet
- That's A Porirua Criminal Having Her Bracelet Checked For Comfort.

Our Police (approx. 8,500 sworn members) have declined to charge female TV3 reporter Heather du Plessis-Allan who forged police paperwork and signatures while making repeated attempts to illegally buy a rifle - so she remains uncorrected (nor even fined) for her multiple criminal firearms related offences. 

My nearest police station remains 'open' but is largely unmanned.

- And the busiest NZ Police Firearms Office (Christchurch) is staffed by excellent but un-sworn employees.

New Zealand the way you want it.

** For comparison ..    Global Military spending by Governments for 2015 is calculated as 1.7 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Getting ready for winter at my place with a delivery of 'Old Man Pine' firewood - and put the clocks back this morning for the end of 'Summer Time' - cold dark days ahead for a few months.

This - my 500th blog - might at a squeeze be called my Quincentennial effort - which would be nice as I like Quinces (Cydonia oblonga) both stewed, in a pie, or made into jelly. - they are also furry and as hard as.. would be a good SHTF survival food that stores well.
I remember my trees variety name 'Smyrna' because it's for ever associated with Glocks USA factory.. not the yummy baked fruit it gives..
Marty K.