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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Public Confusion About SELLAFIELD Nuclear Leaks:

Here is your mission (should you accept it) - After reading this post - write down who actually owns the business "Sellafield Ltd." - and who may be held responsible or liable for any radioactive contamination of people and property in those 'fair green islands' that make-up the UK.

- I noticed the name 'Sellafield LTD.' when reading about the ongoing radioactivity risks up in the  coastal area of Cumbria UK. (1st name change.. until 1974 Cumbria was called Cumberland).

Drigg Low Level Waste Repository - Flood Prone Nuclear Dump.
- Who to ask how the new 'Vault 9' is progressing? .. operated by LLW Repository Ltd., contracted by UK Waste Management Ltd., owned by the Washington Division of  URS Corporation (owned jointly by Studsvik UK, AREVA-NC, and Serco Assurance, - under contract from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.
Now what intrigued me was that 'Ltd.' actually means 'LIMITED LIABILITY' and it seems wrong to me that any corporate business concerned with nuclear facilities and plutonium production should be granted limited liability for its actions while the locations where it operates are guarded 24/7 by a specialist government police force - The CIVIL NUCLEAR CONSTABULARY.
Calder Hall - Cooling Towers now Demolished.

- So, not only have the "closed" or 'decommissioned'  crumbling contaminated H-Bomb factories of Calder Hall & Windscale been renamed "Sellafield" to deflect public interest ..

Sign at Cumbria Lillyhall Low Level Nuclear Waste Dump.

- But responsibility for the 10,000 on-site workers trying to control this blot on history has been handed to a limited liability business having a nearly untraceable record of ownership.

Wikipedia tries to clarify just who is meant to be stopping this nuclear dump from going feral:

Sellafield Ltd is a nuclear decommissioning Site Licence Company (SLC) controlled by Nuclear Management Partners Ltd, its designated Parent Body Organisation (PBO). It operates under contract for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), a government body set up specifically to deal with the nuclear legacy under the Energy Act 2004.
Sellafield Ltd's main aim is to manage the decommissioning of the Sellafield facility on behalf of the NDA. The body employs more than 13,000 workers and its focus is to deliver accelerated nuclear decommissioning and clean-up programmes. It is also involved in power operations, fuel production and reprocessing, international decommissioning, and international transportation.


Sellafield Ltd was formed out of the remains of British Nuclear Group (BNG), a subsidiary of BNFL. BNG was created from a reorganisation of BNFL in 2005, bringing together all of BNFL's businesses into one unit, with the exception of Nexia Solutions and Westinghouse Electric Company. It was BNFL's initial intention in 2006 to sell BNG whole as one business, however it was later decided to break up BNG and sell each asset individually, to maximise revenue.[1][2]
BNG's US subsidiary, BNG America, its Magnox reactor business, Reactor Sites Management Company, its consultancy business, BNG Project Services and its one third share in Atomic Weapons Establishment management company, AWE Management Ltd were all sold.[3] The remaining business of BNG was responsible for the decommissioning work at Sellafield. This was renamed Sellafield Ltd and ownership was passed to the NDA.
In 2008 the NDA contracted the management of Sellafield Ltd to Nuclear Management Partners Ltd, a consortium of US company URS, British company AMEC, and Areva of France. The initial contract was for five years, with an extension option for 17 years.[4]

You want to ask whoever is in charge, - what?

I know that I've mentioned this before - but I continue to be happy that we are down here closer to the Antarctic Circle than anywhere else - and so remote that we are often left-off of world maps.
Marty K.