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Friday, 15 April 2016

NZ Navy Vessels Locked in Port:

There are current political claims that our NZ Navy patrol vessels have been tied up in port for years and that this is because:

    A/: They can't go to sea when it is rough.

or B/: They haven't got enough sailors and officers to man them following "efficiency cuts".

or C/: We have used all the allotted diesel fuel and can't afford to get any more.

or D/: The other Govt. Departments like 'Fisheries' & Customs don't want to / can't afford to use these ships to carry out their duties. (The vessels are equipped with kennels for Customs search dogs, etc.)

A Government Spokesman said that they should likely be sold - as they were bought when the opposition was in power!

There are four Lake-class Inshore Patrol Vessels (IPV) commissioned into RNZN service. They have been named HMNZS Rotoiti, Hawea, Taupo, and Pukaki.

The keel for the first vessel in class, HMNZS Rotoiti (P3569), was laid in March 2005. The vessel was launched in November 2007 and commissioned in April 2009. HMNZS Hawea (P3571) was launched in December 2007 and commissioned in May 2009.
HMNZS Pukaki (P3568) was launched in May 2008 and commissioned in May 2009. The last ship in class, HMNZS Taupo (P3570), was launched in August 2008 and commissioned in May 2009.

The large and strengthened platform allows operations even in harsh open ocean waters between patrol areas. This capability significantly minimises the stopovers during the transit. The vessel is equipped with an active ride control system.

The ships have the ability to patrol in up to Sea State 5 ('Rough' - waves up to 4 metres) and can deploy as well as recover sea boats in up to Sea State 4. The boats allow vertical replenishment (VERTREP) operations in Sea State 5 and can survive in up to Sea State 8. Each vessel is intended to achieve 290 available patrol days a year.

Note: Sea State 8 equals Wave Heights 0f  9 to 14 metres - 30 to 46 feet (Very High)

The Protector Class IPV is armed with three 12.75mm machine guns. It features a forward gun position for mounting the weapons of up to 40mm.
One of HMNZ Haweas .50 Calibre Machine Guns.
- Have They Got Any Ammunition?

Marty K.