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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sourcing Components & Novel .38/.357" Duplex Loads:

I have recently started sourcing the parts I need for hand loading .32" calibre cartridges and I want to again mention & congratulate Julian Alai at Workshop Innovation Ltd. (Auckland) for superb service with 'shooting stuff':

- Julian quickly sourced and couriered a couple of hundred 'Starline' empty brass cases for the 327 Federal Magnum - when other suppliers had declared them as 'unobtainium'.

'Starline' 327 Federal Magnum Brass

I have also found some 32 S&W Long cases plus both plated and lead .32" bullets so next requirement is a set of Lee loading dies..

All this '32' stuff tells you that I have committed to buying /importing a 4.2 inch barrelled Ruger SP101 in 327 Federal Magnum from USA. The New Zealand Ruger Distributor JPB Furley has told me that our NZ Police are currently offering a six to ten week processing service for Import Permits which needs to be added to the US State Department Export Licence process stated to take 30-45 days .. I may get my new target shooting pistol before Christmas 2016 (if Ruger can supply one from stock & provided our NZ Border Protection - Customs Dept. don't impound and destroy it when it arrives).

I have also bought a few 32 Calibre copper plated 71grain round nose pills - and noticed that two of these would nearly fit into a SPEER 38 calibre shot capsule (one slips in readily but two find the tapered bore further in is too tight). - I was able to ream-out some of the capsules using an 8mm drill-bit and build a variety of Duplex Load combinations.

Two x 71gn 32" Calibre Projectiles
Either 'Tandem' or 'one forward-one reversed'

I am also looking at using one 32 Cal. bullet with two .275" lead balls (Drilled fishing line weights) to build a 'Triplex' Load (or even a 'three-ball' load).
I have not shot any of these loads yet - but they'll be on the range with my six inch Ruger .357 GP100 as soon as I get an opportunity to load them.. It will be interesting to learn how they group.

Long-term friend and fellow shooter 'Col' gave me some cast lead balls that measure around .325" and would fit down into a 38 Special case between the powder charge and a standard pill to make another 'duplex' type load.

- Yet another possibility would be to use such a calibre ball to make an economical 'plinking' load for paper punching maybe using a wad and a light charge of bulky IMR Trail Boss Powder.

- So many possibilities - so little time eh.

Marty K.