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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Iodine Radiation Pills For At-Risk Nuclear Europe:

The Dutch Government is reported to have ordered 15 Million iodine pills (Potassium Iodide) to protect people living near nuclear power plants.

Last Thursday the Belgian Health Minister voiced her concerns about potential radiation leaks from old nuclear power stations and is considering handing out iodine pills in the event of  a nuclear emergency.

The Netherlands has one nuclear power plant, near the Belgian border, but under the new plan the pills would also be given to people living near Germany’s Emsland plant and two Belgian facilities, Doel and Tihange.

- I have been known to blog about England's nuclear facilities (& dumps) at Sellafield - so it's good to hear that some governments are becoming aware of these risks.

- But meanwhile in the UK, The Civil Nuclear Constabulary advertises their jobs guarding contaminated Sellafield - on their web-site as "a great place for families."  !!

Marty K.