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Friday, 1 April 2016

Silenced Supersonic Ammo in The Hill Country:

Three of us were working on the new, freshly certified #2 rural pistol range the other day - and I was asked to go up the gulley and fire some shots - so that the other two could hear how loud it might sound.
So I bravely confronted the sand-flies and vicious cattle dung-pats simmering under the blazing sun - while forcing my way up hill through and under prickly native plants, rocks, and loose gravelly bits

- all the time carefully toting my unloaded Just Right 9mm Carbine. Are there any bulls up here (panting)?

- It can be a wild territory in outback New Zealand - where even your mates throw wooden pallets at you from their trailers while driving at speed on gravel roads!.. Keep back - he might do it again!

- Three shots from the naked barrel followed by a further three after screwing the silencer back-on reminded me that even 'low powered' pistol ammunition is noisy when supersonic - and the use of an over barrel moderator only drops the blast by a few degrees.
You really do need sub-sonic loads to achieve quietude, love and bucolic peace - brothers.

The lads reckoned that the moderated shots were a bit quieter and they seemed to be happily undisturbed while having a chat.. as did the fine looking black cattle beasts in the next paddock.
"- Was That You Making All That Noise?"
(Money on The Hoof)

- So I returned the carbine back into my car and resumed slapping at the itchy sand-fly bites while waving to the blow-flies and occasional wasp - as I pounded steel waratahs into the rocky ground. Great tools those post pounders - but only a few individuals qualify to use them eh - "I've got an injured hand", - "I've got a bad back".

It's a hard life for an immigrant in rural New Zealand eh.

Marty K.