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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Lithgow Arms Crossover Bolt Action Rifle:

Can I ask that any of you considering a new bolt action rifle - please have a good look at the Lithgow 'Crossover' LA101.

Made by Thales Australia in the Lithgow factory - the 'Crossover' is available in .22" Rim-fire, .22" WMR, .17"HMR, and also in .223" REM and .308" Winchester centre fire cartridges.

Lithgow LA101 CROSSOVER.

Built using the same military grade materials as the Australian Defence Forces weapons - the nylon polymer stock is glass fibre re-enforced and the barrels are cold forged. The standard magazines are 5 round and the guns come standard with a crisp 2kg trigger let-off. - In Australia and New Zealand these rifles are marketed by agreement with Winchester.

There's a thorough Nick Harvey review online at:

We need to support our local manufacturers especially as importing becomes increasingly restricted.

Marty K.