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Monday, 4 April 2016

New Electronic Hearing Protection Bought:

I splashed-out last month on a new shooting headset with electronics. - Well my hearing is buggered by 'Menieres Syndrome' in my right ear and I had to keep removing the ear protectors to hear what people were saying and then putting them back-on to shield me from the gun shot noise.

New Caldwell E-Max Electronic Hearing protection Compared to My Old Ones

The built-in microphones amplify low level sounds such as a mate chatting or range commands - but cut-out sharply when there is any loud noise - I actually noticed that they cut-out when I was racking the slide on my Glock, so they are sensitive and effective. - Plus they have a bright red LED on the right side housing that shows everyone you are a modern electronicified man.

They take two AA batteries and are claimed to reduce noise levels by 25 decibels.

Bought from North Auckland 'Workshop Innovations Ltd' online - I was impressed by their quick and helpful service and their wide range of shooting stuff in stock. - Have a look at

Note: You do NOT want to get 'Menieres' in your old age - or any other bloody age either! - It effects your inner ear by damaging your balance organ, making you deaf - but gives you continual noises in your head (tinnitus) and you get horrible attacks of vertigo with the room spinning - while you fall-over and your stomach contents leave home at speed (repeatedly) .. Nice.

Marty K.