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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Upper Hutt Police Petition:

Stokes Valley residents have started a petition calling for an increased police presence in their Upper Hutt location:

"We have had our windows smashed twice over the last couple of years, laptops stolen, you know we don't like it, it's frustrating. And just a policeman being seen around - that's what they're there for, the community funds it through taxes you know, we want that."

Stokes Valley has a community constable based at the mall, but many residents said he was never there.

The petition - supported by the local New World supermarket is being organised by Matthew Adams, who said he had gained 1500 written and online signatures in the past five days.
New World Robbery in Progress Earlier this Month.

Hutt Valley Area Commander Sean Hansen "From time to time the Community Constable might not necessarily be deployed in Stokes Valley, but we deploy a whole lot of other staff there as well."

Marty K.