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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Glocks New NZ Defence Force Weapons:

New Zealand deliveries of the replacement military 'individual weapons' are due to start next month (May 2016) - commencing with 4th generation Glock 17 9mm NATO calibre pistols.

Gen 4 Glock 17 9x19mm

Australian company NIOA Nominees Pty. Ltd. was awarded a $1.8 million contract to supply approximately 1,900 new Glocks - that will replace the Sig-Saur P226 s/a pistols that have been in use with NZDF since 1992.
Sig-Sauer P226 s/a Pistol

These Sig handgun discards would be of strong interest to New Zealand collectors and licenced pistol shooters - and I have not heard or seen any definitive statement of intent about how they will be disposed-of. - However, given the current superficial 'anti-gun' public attitudes I strongly doubt that law abiding Kiwi citizens will be offered the old guns to reduce military spending costs.

I would think that a partial sale offering of perhaps a thousand Sigs would meet demand from the 4,000 'B' Category Pistol shooters plus the 'C' Cat. collectors based locally - especially if these guns were to carry NZDF armoury stamped identification marks.

The NZDF rifles are also due for replacement soon - with the current issue Steyr AUG rifles having been publicly labelled as "underpowered, ineffective, and inaccurate" at long range. The AUGs were procured from Australia where they were built under licence at Lithgow. It is worth noting that these 'poor performing' 5.56x54mm rifles will be replaced by .... 5.56x54mm rifles of a much older basic design.

OUT .. Steyr AUG 5.56x54mm (.223").

Our AUG Bullpup rifles were adopted by NZDF in 1987 as an advanced design compact rifle with 'built-in' easy use optical sighting system.

I think that the main benefit of the 9,000 new rifles will be the wide range of optical sights that may be fitted to the new guns rail system - and they should shoot tighter groups than the old guns with worn barrels. (Plus .. being similar to US issue arms our Kiwi troops may be able to "pick-up" bits and pieces dropped by the Yanks!)
IN .. NZDF Replacement 5.56x54mm (.223") Rifle,

The NZ selected replacement is an AR15/M16 built by American company Lewis Machine & Tool (model CQB16LMT).

The AR15 was designed in 1957 by Eugene Stoner and first built by ArmaLight before being produced by Colt. - The M16 Rifle first entered into US service in 1963 in Vietnam. The AR15/M16 has undergone continuous development over the more than 50 years it has been produced - and it is barely recognizable as the same rifle.

Early M16 Rifle. (1970s?)

The AR15 / M16 rifle has been produced in huge numbers (some 8 Million) by a range of US manufacturers to be acclaimed as a very successful design - but it has to be said that its Number 1 rival in worldwide distribution - the so-called "AK-47" has beaten it hands down in numbers with an estimated production of  75 Million.

Marty K.