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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Handgun Hits DA versus SA. - ANZAC Day:

It was a fine sunny Autumn day driving out to the pistol club range on Sunday - through hilly countryside with beautiful sunlit yellow, orange and red leaves on the trees - and once there I was again impressed by the quality of my shooting companions.

American readers will probably baulk at this - but here in New Zealand where all pistol shooters are extensively screened by the Police Licencing Authority - you can relax when on a pistol range and be confident that all the shooters there are law-abiding and as sane as yourself.

I brought this target home to show something interesting .. Shot at around 24 foot range the buff patches cover three cylinders (24 shots) from my Ruger SP101 .22"LR fired double action 'rapid fire' and are mostly to the left of the red patch. - Two cylinders (16 shots) fired single-action are low right if you can discern the white patches against the white target* - and I fired the five 9mm rounds from the 3rd Gen. Glock 17 just to see where I'd put them as I hadn't fired it for a while.

All shots fired two handed standing - using strong left hand.. Well I thought that the revolvers different DA to SA impact was noteworthy..

* I put the white surface forward rather than the usual buff target to show that I'm not prejudiced.


Today here in New Zealand it is ANZAC Day - when we remember the fallen servicemen of World War I who gave their lives for their faith in the British Commonwealth.

- In contrast I also read today the British Sunday Times 'Rich List' 2016 that explains how the Top 1% own as much as the lower 57% put together - and devote their time to hiding this wealth wherever they can - to avoid contributing to the essential services such as Health, Law-Enforcement and Education (and Defence).

- The Richest 1,000 British increased their wealth by 28.5 Billion Pounds last year - while the poorest 10% got poorer.

Life is good.

Marty K.